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Myths and Facts about PMP Certification

Do you have negative thoughts about getting a PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation course for project management? Most people who want to become a project manager are often blocked by their negative impressions about PMP or CAPM. Here are the myths and facts, try to check if you have any of these thoughts:

  • Myth 1: Earning a PMP certification is time waster.

Fact: Getting a PMP or CAPM certification is not time consuming because the time you invested for the PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation, means success because of your learning experience which can more fulfilling if you pursue additional 60 hours of volunteer service within three year cycle. The longer you devote your time to developing your profession guarantees high compensation in your organization.

  • Myth 2: PMP certification is costly.

Fact: Earning a PMP certification is worth your money.  You will only spend $405 to take the PMP exam preparation once you become and member of PMI compared to a non-PMP member who will spend $555.  What you spent for the exam and training would equal to more than 10,000 dollars annual earnings because of salary increase from your organization.

  • Myth 3: A PMP certification does not guarantee that you are a good project manager.

Fact: A PMP certification guarantees instant job hiring, good compensation and incentive package. Once you apply for the job, your résumé will be your credential to attain a level of competency compared to those who do not have a certification. 

More Myths and Facts about PMP Exam Preparation Course

  • Myth 1: The preparation course is memorization.

Fact: As a student in a given course and training, you need to memorize with understanding about the lessons like a normal classroom in order for you to pass the PMP exam with flying colors. 

  • Myth 2: Passing the exam is the main focus of the PMP exam preparation courses

Fact: Apart from experiencing an actual classroom, forging relationship with team mates, it is imperative that you have to study the courses to pass the exam so that you can have the certification for credentials. 

PM Express provides avenues for project managers and stakeholders who want to excel in project management.  For more information about our program, Reserve a Spot Now.

Changing Impressions on PMP Certification and Training

While it is true that holding a PMP certification training and taking a PMP exam preparation are key factors for good project management and earning credential to prosper in an organization, there is a common misconception about the system in handling risk and conflict in an organization or company, there is more beyond what is expected from the project manager.  Possessing qualifications earned from training courses and examination for project management also needs the following:

  • Project managers should be proactive
  • They have initiative and not spoon fed by their sponsors.
  • They lead by example
  • They possess virtual power and management skills to lead their team, employers, and clients to get the benefits from PM.
  • They have nose for business and know the value for every project
  • They can engage with stakeholders and lead their teams by their own action
  • They are good negotiator and avail of good opportunities for the PM success.

Other Skills for a Project Management Leader

To reach success in managing projects, most organizations want more than what the project manager does. What they need now is a business project manager who not only leads by example and team up with stakeholders, clients and employers, but they are capable to do the following tasks:

  • They can assure the value and benefits from the project management.
  • They have the mind of a business person who always looks forward to 100 percent profit from every deliverables.
  • They are like draftsmen who design leadership and courses on soft skills as guide looking from a business angle and not from the technical angle. 
  • Their knowledge in soft skills will make them an effective communicator with PM stakeholders and direct projects for their team.

With PMExpress it is about time, that you need to change your mindset on PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation.  There is more beyond to what is expected from a project manager. Once you get hold of a PMP or CAPM certification, don’t assume that you stop exploring and discovering ways to improve the project management in your organization. Be proactive and not reactive. For more details, enrol with PMExpress and obtain PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation courses. Come and Visit us today!

PMP Certification is More than a Pot of Gold

Anyone might find it absurd to think that a PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation courses to get a credential for project management career is beyond compare, not even with a pot of gold. This is because a certification for project management professional is attached to your name and it does not fade for a lifetime. Like a dazzling gold bar, your PMP certification obtained from PMI, continues to keep its luster and value and no one can ever take it away from you.

Why Brag about PMP/CAPM Certification?

More stakeholders, project managers and aspiring project management professionals are taking the PMP exam preparation courses and PMP certification training because they have realized its value to raise the credentials for project management. To attest to this claim, since January 2008 to September 2011, there is an increase of 69.7% of people who took the PMP courses and exams and it rose to 464,168 professionals. On the same period, about 293.5% of people got a credential for CAPM which posted about 15,695 who got their credentials worldwide.  This statistics show that getting a credential for PMP is now becoming a popular trend.  Here are the results of getting a PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation:

  • 21%-Improved reputation in the project management world
  • 17%-Earn promotion
  • 16%-Hired for a new position

With a certification for PMP and CAPM, the money you aim for will double because of your credentials from taking the exam and training courses will give you financial stability, respect and dignity which is  incomparable with a pot of gold that might be the object of jealousy and robbery. But with the credentials for PMP, no one can ever take it away from you. Want to achieve success in money-making? It is time to enrol at PMExpress and become eligible for a good paying job. Call us today!

Save with PMP Certification and Maintenance

Another misconception about getting a PMP exam preparation course and PMP certification training is that it is expensive. The truth is, you will get the most from your investment in project management courses for credentials because you will expect a high return on investment. Although you will spend 40,000 to 50,000 for the rest of your career span for three to four decades, you will expect more income from a lucrative project management position. PMP certification training does not drain your pocket because you will be earning high salary. For continuing education within a three-year period, the money that you will invest is just a small sum compared to what you will be getting from your project management work.

How to Become an Eligible Candidate for a PMP certification?

If you want to excel in project management, you should get a PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation. You can be eligible if you meet the following requirements:

  • A holder of Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent with portfolio of three years project management, 35 hours of education in project management and 4,500 hours handling projects.


  • A high school diploma or global equivalent with portfolio of five years of project management, 35 hours of education in project management and 7,500 hours handling projects.

PMExpress assures you of guaranteed training courses and exam preparation. Why not enrol with us? For more information call us now!

Benefits of Getting a Project Management Certification

Getting a project management professional certificate through a PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation  is an advantage. Its benefits are aplenty and anyone who aspires to hold the position as project manager or participate in a project management work should become aware of the following advantages. Here they are:

  • Become familiar with terms and vocabulary of project management
  • To develop self confidence and land a high-salaried project management position
  • To be able to get sources for research,  methodology and  experience needed for managing projects

Global Knowledge and Tech Republic has been conducting studies on Information Technology Salary and Skills and it was found out that gaining a PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation added to the IT certification is a sureway to attain a stable income. 

Reasons Why Project Management Work Fails

Without a PMP certification training, PMP exam Preparation for project management, it is expected that a project  will fall short of its expectations by 40 percent because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of proper scheduling
  • Lack of quality control
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of planning
  • Improper monitoring of supply chain
  • Not enough resources and best practices

Holding a certification for project management after taking a PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation is an advantage over those who do not have a certificate apart from your college diploma. The certification is something that the holder should be proud of. Based on studies, 75 percent of company bigwigs believe that the certification for project management professional can help improve their company performance.

With PMExpress, you can ensure success to your project management because it provides comprehensive training for individuals and companies. If you want to succeed in your profession, why not enrol with PMExpress and get a certification. Call us and become a PMP professional.