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PMP Certification Test Prep Tips

Studying and preparing for the PMP exam can be a very time consuming and demanding endeavor.  It is a very challenging test, and one should take an adequate amount of time to be fully prepared. Since the cost of the test is fairly high, you sure don’t want to have to take this test multiple times. With that being the case, we’ve decided to share some test prep ideas to help you prepare and get ready for the big test.

-          Always carry your test prep materials with you wherever you go. This way, whenever you have a spare moment you’ll be able to study and learn the material

-          Take multiple practice exams. This is one of the best ways to be familiar with both the content of the test and the types of questions being asked. You should be able to find multiple tests online that you can use.

As you prepare and take the different practice exams, continue to monitor your scores for extra motivation to do better each time.

One of the toughest parts of the test is that you’ll need to memorize many different groups of data. If you aren’t good at memorizing, you’ll want to figure out some way that’ll make it easier for you. Here are just a few suggestions on how to help you memorize the information.

-          Use flash cards. Pure repetition seems to be a great way for a lot of people to remember things.

-          Write poems or short songs to help you remember terms and definitions.

-          Find similarities and memorize these lists in groups or pairs. It can be much easier to break large lists down into smaller groups.

Whatever you decide to do as your final action plan, just make a study and preparation plan and stick to it. Persistence and consistency is the key to passing the PMP certification exam.