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How to Get PMP Certified without experience

There are a lot of people who would like to work in project management, who maybe even studied project management in school, but who can’t seem to find their first job. The tough thing is that there are a lot of jobs and companies that require the PMP certification, but you can’t get the certification without experience. So, how is somebody right out of school supposed to get the experience so they can get PMP certified?

We have a few different suggestions that may be of help, but the problem is there is no easy answer. It seems that a lot of people who work in project management were working for their company in other roles and then got into project management later. For people who may have studied project management in school, getting that first job may be a bit difficult.

1)      Be willing to do an internship. We don’t care if you have an MBA or other education; you have to be humble when you’re looking for that first job. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting your foot in the door. Many interns get exposure to an industry which then leads to other opportunities or jobs.

2)      Find a job doing something different than project management. If a lot of people seem to get into project management from other parts of the company, find a company who seems to have this type of mentality. Get your first job doing whatever you can for the company, and make your desires known to those in the organization from the beginning.

3)      Seek out project management volunteer opportunities. Experience can come in many forms, and you should try to get experience however you can.

There’s no easy answer, but the best thing is to think outside the box in whatever way you can to get project management experience. Soon enough you’ll find a good enough job to where you can get your PMP certification.