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Should you get CAPM certified?

Project managers often question whether or not they should try to get certified with the varying certifications that exist. The popular PMP certification is a great certification to get, but the biggest problem with it is that it requires a good amount of project management experience. The catch 22 is that it may be hard to get the requisite experience since many employers want to see your PMP certification before hiring you.

Because of some of these limitations, there’s been some growing popularity for the CAPM certification. Unlike the PMP certification, the CAPM certification does not require the project management experience that is required by PMP. Therefore, I’d like to outline a few of the things to consider about the CAPM certification as you evaluate whether it’s worth pursuing.

CAPM Requirements

In order to qualify for the CAPM certification, you only need to have a high school diploma, or equivalent, and at least 1,500 hours experience OR 23 hours of education in project management. The great thing about these requirements is they are much easier to achieve.

CAPM Shows Dedication

Although the CAPM certification doesn’t signal to recruiters that you have a lot of experience, it does show a certain amount of dedication and commitment to a career. In a world where people change careers often, taking the initiative can increase the likelihood of an interviewer to see you as a potential candidate.

CAPM not as respected as PMP

Although CAPM certification is much easier to get, for this same reason, it isn’t as respected as the PMP certification.

CAPM can be costly

Taking the test can cost up to $300 USD for non-PMI members, so the cost can be prohibitive.

After evaluating some of the options, I think that the CAPM certification is only worth getting if getting the requisite experience for the PMP certification is hard for you. If you have a way to get the requisite experience, than I would wait and just get the PMP certification.