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Key Points to Pass the PMP CAPM Exam and Exam Simulation

If you aspire to pass the PMP/CAPM exam, as a project manager, plan ahead to keep the most out from your arduous PMP exam preparation and PMP certification training for project management. Finding a reason not to spend your time with training courses will only bring disastrous result in your undertakings as a project management practitioner. It is not too late to make up your lost time, planning is your secret to tackle the PMP/CAPM exam. Here are the 8 key points to begin planning for the success of PMP exam preparation courses and PMP certification training:

  • Devote time to attend the PMP exam courses from two to four months and spend time to review the PMBOK guidelines and manual.
  • Finish a PMP/CAPM exam simulation and familiarize yourself which topics you are good or bad at.
  • Visual aids and modules would be much easier to understand if you have a hard copy for you to review.
  • Start making and answering possible topic questions that might come during the PMP/CAPM exam simulation.
  • Attend more exam simulation after 15 days to enhance your knowledge even before the courses are finished and make adjustments to your study time upon getting the exam results.
  • Using flash cards and visual aids devote time to study on your weak points, and focus on the topics which are harder for you.
  • Continue reviewing and reading various reading materials, get used to podcasting, free templates, where you can apply your style in learning process using unique learning approaches and angles. 
  • Aim for an average of 80 percent to 90 percent of exam scores during your practice exam to prepare yourself with confidence during the actual examination.

Planning for the PMP exam preparation and PMP certification training coupled with knowledge on project management will result to satisfactory result for PMP and CAPM exam. PM Express ensures success in your undertakings for a project management career.  Why not enrol with us and get credentials the easy way!