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Changing Impressions on PMP Certification and Training

While it is true that holding a PMP certification training and taking a PMP exam preparation are key factors for good project management and earning credential to prosper in an organization, there is a common misconception about the system in handling risk and conflict in an organization or company, there is more beyond what is expected from the project manager.  Possessing qualifications earned from training courses and examination for project management also needs the following:

  • Project managers should be proactive
  • They have initiative and not spoon fed by their sponsors.
  • They lead by example
  • They possess virtual power and management skills to lead their team, employers, and clients to get the benefits from PM.
  • They have nose for business and know the value for every project
  • They can engage with stakeholders and lead their teams by their own action
  • They are good negotiator and avail of good opportunities for the PM success.

Other Skills for a Project Management Leader

To reach success in managing projects, most organizations want more than what the project manager does. What they need now is a business project manager who not only leads by example and team up with stakeholders, clients and employers, but they are capable to do the following tasks:

  • They can assure the value and benefits from the project management.
  • They have the mind of a business person who always looks forward to 100 percent profit from every deliverables.
  • They are like draftsmen who design leadership and courses on soft skills as guide looking from a business angle and not from the technical angle. 
  • Their knowledge in soft skills will make them an effective communicator with PM stakeholders and direct projects for their team.

With PMExpress it is about time, that you need to change your mindset on PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation.  There is more beyond to what is expected from a project manager. Once you get hold of a PMP or CAPM certification, don’t assume that you stop exploring and discovering ways to improve the project management in your organization. Be proactive and not reactive. For more details, enrol with PMExpress and obtain PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation courses. Come and Visit us today!