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Myths and Facts about PMP Certification

Do you have negative thoughts about getting a PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation course for project management? Most people who want to become a project manager are often blocked by their negative impressions about PMP or CAPM. Here are the myths and facts, try to check if you have any of these thoughts:

  • Myth 1: Earning a PMP certification is time waster.

Fact: Getting a PMP or CAPM certification is not time consuming because the time you invested for the PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation, means success because of your learning experience which can more fulfilling if you pursue additional 60 hours of volunteer service within three year cycle. The longer you devote your time to developing your profession guarantees high compensation in your organization.

  • Myth 2: PMP certification is costly.

Fact: Earning a PMP certification is worth your money.  You will only spend $405 to take the PMP exam preparation once you become and member of PMI compared to a non-PMP member who will spend $555.  What you spent for the exam and training would equal to more than 10,000 dollars annual earnings because of salary increase from your organization.

  • Myth 3: A PMP certification does not guarantee that you are a good project manager.

Fact: A PMP certification guarantees instant job hiring, good compensation and incentive package. Once you apply for the job, your résumé will be your credential to attain a level of competency compared to those who do not have a certification. 

More Myths and Facts about PMP Exam Preparation Course

  • Myth 1: The preparation course is memorization.

Fact: As a student in a given course and training, you need to memorize with understanding about the lessons like a normal classroom in order for you to pass the PMP exam with flying colors. 

  • Myth 2: Passing the exam is the main focus of the PMP exam preparation courses

Fact: Apart from experiencing an actual classroom, forging relationship with team mates, it is imperative that you have to study the courses to pass the exam so that you can have the certification for credentials. 

PM Express provides avenues for project managers and stakeholders who want to excel in project management.  For more information about our program, Reserve a Spot Now.