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Effective Project Management through Risk Management Professional Exam Prep Course

If you are a professional or a student who needs to be trained on risk management, PM Express Inc. provides stakeholders a three-day Risk Management Exam Preparation Course-PMI-RMP.  If you have already attended courses on PMP certification training, and PMP exam preparation for project management, getting a certification test for PMI-RMP can help a lot in increasing your ability in handling risk during the conduct of your project. The certification can earn you credits to increase your professional portfolio and credibility. The PMP certification training course, PMP exam preparation and PMI-RMP course are provided with the tool bag that will equip participants the knowledge and ability to handle risk management.

What to Expect from the PMI-RMP course for PMP project management?

  • Identification of Risk
  • Assessment of Risk/Planning
  • Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis Techniques
  • Reserves Mastery
  • Monte Carlo Analysis for the cost and schedule of project
  • Learn additional risk management terminology and vocabulary
  • Learn additional risk managerial skills
  • Learn proficiency in techniques and software for risk management
  • Gain 14PDUs

Learning Materials for the PMP/Risk Management Professional Course

  • Worksheets/Exercises Sheets
  • Practice Exam/Practice Quizzes
  • Training Course Manual
  • Visual Aid

Course Outline:

  • Overview of the Entire Course/PMI RMP Exam
  • Overview of Risk Management
  • Overview of Program Risk
  • Overview of Planning Risk Management Process
  • Overview of Portfolio Management
  • Overview of Managing Risk Reserves
  • Overview of Managing Opportunity as Positive Risk
  • Overview of Survey of Risk Concepts in Project Management
  • Overview of Control/Monitoring of Risk Process
  • Final course overview

The three-day PMI-RMP course offered by PM Express Inc. guarantees participants the knowledge, skills and methodology in problem solving and handling risk management to implement successful program and project management.  This is based on the principle set by the PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK), PMP certification training, PMP exam preparation, Program Management Guide and Risk Management. With PM Express Inc. you can fully understand and apply the necessary tools and techniques to earn you the certification for PMI-RMP. Get Started Today.