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Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) for PMP

Handling a business organization needs regular assessments and evaluation of the methodology of the project management, program management and portfolio management. Hiring a professional management institution like PM Express Inc. will ease your burden. We have a team of project management professionals who will conduct the assessments in your organisations, business establishments, corporate and individual programs and projects through its OPM3 aside from giving participants the PMP certification training, PMP exam preparation and project management.  PMP Express Inc. gives assessments on the best practices of organizations with the following goals:

  • To enhance the business organization of its ability to provide the techniques and strategy based on the project, program and portfolio management
  • To evaluate and measure the performance of business organizations in flexible manner giving them the freedom to exercise excellence for its own good. 
  • To bridge the gap and corrects loopholes that the organization has committed. 

PM Express Inc. gives stakeholders and participants the most reliable performance evaluation through the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model OPM3 as well as the PMP certification training and PMP exam preparation assuring them quick improvement once the gaps/errors are identified providing them with ample best practices, outcomes and capabilities. 

Advantages of OPM3 for Project Management, Program Management and Project Portfolio

  • Discover numerous methodology and Best Practices
  • Conduct evaluation of the ability and capability building of managing projects
  • Figure out the necessary procedure in attaining the desired goals

PMI Express Inc. holds the distinction of giving Program Management Office (PMO), business organizations and individual projects of executing; monitoring and evaluating their performance based best practices set by Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI Express Inc. continues giving PMP certification training, PMP exam preparation to stakeholders so that they are more prepared in the conduct of their actual work and during assessments; they can show satisfactory performance in managing projects.  For best results in your project, program and portfolio management why not see us and have reservation.