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Earn PMP/CAPM Certification to Boost Career in Project Management

PMP certification is a stepping stone towards earning credentials for project management. This certification is given by the Project Management Institute to project managers and stakeholders to have a lifetime career in project management which can be an advantage to earn respect and recognition in this field.  Earning a certification for PMP and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) will increase your ability and concepts that comprise the following:

  • To carry out, execute, planning and tracking project management properly.
  • To learn techniques on handling risk management.
  • To select, evaluate, manage, direct project teams in an organization.

Who are Qualified to Get PMP Certification?

Getting a PMP certification will increase the competency level in handling project, risk and conflict management. With certification from Project Management Institute, you are guaranteed the highest salaried position in an organization.  To be able to achieve your desired goal in project management, you need to take some courses to equip you with knowledge during the actual examination. The candidate for PMP certification must possess the following requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree holder
  • With three years of experience handling project management, 35 hours of education in project management and 4,500 hours in managing and executing projects


  • Must be a high school graduate
  • With at least five years experience in project management, 35 hours of education in project management, and 7,599 hours managing projects. 

Participants who fail to meet the requirements can still apply for certification for CAPM where you only need at least 1,500 hours experience in project management or 23 hours of education in project management with a high school diploma.  When you are armed with CAPM you will earn the reputation, credibility and reputation from your present and future employers. 

Obtaining the certification will equip you with knowhow and self-confidence to face various challenges in the field of project management.  After getting the CAPM certification you must take another exam after the five-year cycle but this is not a requirement to earn a PDU or professional development units.