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The Need for Certified Project Executive

The need to have certified project executives apart from project managers is looked up to by organizations. According to PMI President Mark Langley, that project managers should aspire to become project executives to be able to attain a high level of competency in the field of project management.  This level gives assurance to raise the level of leadership at par with level of business in a given project. A good project manager is knowledgeable in project management skills and best practices and knows its proper application to the project in the business level. Having a PMP certification is important towards implementing a project charter, how, when, what and who should develop it.

Qualities for a Competent Project Manager

  • He has the ability to lead, influence and find resources for the implementation and development of project charter.
  • He is firm to keep and protect documents.
  • Learn to develop quality content for the charter.
  • He has the communication skills to talk with stakeholders and team partners for the success of the charter.
  • He is well-versed on the proper uses of the charter towards a successful project.

A PMP exam is a test of knowledge skills, and experience on project management. Participants for training courses are evaluated based on their application, interviews, CV reviews and they need to undergo learning experience in a classroom environment and online setting.  Among the things that are included in the training for PMP credential are developing, organizing, preparing, securing, managing project initiation, client, management support, and stakeholder management ; risk and conflict management;  work planning, scheduling and distribution.  Participants are also trained on their writing skills, develop and build WBS and writing WBS vocabulary, developing baselines for projects at different levels of assignment. 

In order for the participants to master PM, they should attend the workshop where discussions and presentations of their take home assignments take place in 5 days.  Presentation of take home assignments for a certain case study in front of panellists where the participants are grilled, scrutinized, and evaluated so that they are capable to be called as certified project executive.