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Pathways to Attain PMP

Reaching one’s dream to excel in a certain field is often thwarted by fear of failure. If you are working in a team with a multitasking job that includes information gathering, project scheduling, planning, budgeting and marketing, the most important thing that you can do is to take additional management skills that you can obtain from Project Management Institute (PMI) to arm you with credential as a Project Management Professional and gain knowledge on PMBOK.  If you have been given the chance to attend learning sessions and training courses on managerial skills to become a certified PMP but because of your fear of failing the examination, you are one of those people who should have the chance to excel in project management but oftentimes blocked off by unreasonable fear of failure.

What if you passed the exam about 6 years ago? Then at the moment, you could have been an in-demand project manager in your organization. You should be blamed for not giving yourself the chance to show your ability. Six years should have made you an expert project manager with stable and high paying income.  Self-study, reading books and applying the methodology on PMP but without a formal certification for PMP is nonetheless a far cry from those who tried their best and pass the exam. Anyway, it is not too late for you to take the exam after 4 weeks of preparation course for PMP.  If you can bring back the hands of time, you could be among those people who become a certified PMP with vast portfolios attached to your name.

When planning to get a PMP certification always have the following tips in your mind:

  • Always think that you can pass the test when it is difficult.
  • Attend a few days preparation course for PMP to pass the test.
  • To pass the test always make it a point to take it after 3-4 weeks from taking the course while your mind is still fresh but not cramming. 
  • To pass the tests always study your lessons.