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PMP Certification- More than a Pot of Gold

Anyone might find it absurd to think that a PMP certification courses to get a credential for project management career is beyond compare, not even with a pot of gold. This is because a certification for project management professional is attached to your name and it does not fade for a lifetime. Like a dazzling gold bar, your PM certification, continues to keep its luster and value and no one can ever take it away from you.

Why Brag about PMP/CAPM Certification?

More stakeholders, project managers and aspiring project management professionals are taking the PMP courses because they have realized its value to raise the credentials for project management. To attest to this claim, since January 2008 to September 2011, there is an increase of 69.7% of people who took the PMP courses and exams and it rose to 464,168 professionals. On the same period, about 293.5% of people got a credential for CAPM which posted about 15,695 who got their credentials worldwide.  This statistics show that getting a credential for PMP is now becoming a popular trend.  Here are the results of getting a certification for PMP:

  • 21%-Improved reputation in the project management world
  • 17%-Earn promotion
  • 16%-Hired for a new position

With a certification for PMP and CAPM, the money you aim for will double because of your credentials from taking the exam and training courses will give you financial stability, respect and dignity which is  incomparable with a pot of gold that might be the object of jealousy and robbery. But with the credentials for PMP, no one can ever take it away from you. Once you have obtained a certification, you don’t need to experience job searching because companies and organizations will hire you instantly as testified by 77% of PMP credential holder while 23% waited for one and a half months to find another job.