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Qualifications for PM Boost Your Credentials

In order to be recognized and earn respect from your colleagues in the field of project management, you should have the qualifications for PM to boost your credentials. When you are qualified, your knowledge on PM is enhanced and gets hired than those with IT credentials. Employers look for project managers who have credentials for PMP and CAPM as initial requirement for hiring because they know that the skills, experience and knowledge learned from courses and exam can assure quality and good project management. 

PMP vs. CAPM credentials

With a PMP credentials, the project managers have the following abilities:

  • They give life to the project with good performance and they are capable to handle a successful project.
  • Perform multiple functions in scheduling, planning, budgeting, marketing, and soft skills in communication etc.
  • Knowledgeable in best practices, concepts and methodology in project management.

With a CAPM credentials, the project managers have the following abilities:

  • They are knowledgeable in documentation, finance, marketing, customer relation, processing, implementation and evaluation.
  • Apart from their managerial positions, they act as coordinators, mediators, sponsors, facilitators etc. 

Compelling Reasons for Obtaining PMI credentials

In order to succeed in project management, you need to be certified by Project Management Institute because of the following reasons:

  • Become committed to your profession.
  • Your skills, experience, knowledge and abilities are recognized.
  • You are an achiever.
  • It is a ticket for high paying job.
  • Good career opportunities and career advancement.
  • Apply your knowledge and skills in actual PM practice.
  • With PMI credentials you will face additional responsibilities in the organization.
  • It enhances and develops knowledge and abilities.
  • It boosts your self confidence.
  • Earn respect from colleagues.

It increases the level of professionalism.