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Overview of PMP Certification

There is a high demand in the business world for those who are PMP certified. The PMP certification is offered by the Project Management Institute, better known as PMI. Many companies who are looking for project management professionals will only hire those who carry the PMP certification. Also, there are a growing number of clients who demand that the project managers that work on their projects be PMP certified as well.

PMP Certification Objectives

As a well-known certification, the main objective of the PMP certification is to train project management professionals in all of the latest project management processes and practices. It’s designed to ensure that all participants come away with a better understanding of the history and the reasons behind why certain processes are accepted and used today. It will help you remain relevant and stay at the forefront of your field if you obtain this certification.

Usefulness of PMP Certification

Although it’s true that the PMP certification should help all applicants improve their understanding and usage of the predominantly accepted practices in Project Management, some of the greatest benefits come by the prestige that comes with the certification. It is most helpful in showing your understanding of the industry, and in helping both potential employers and clients to have confidence that you know what you’re talking about.

Getting Your PMP Certification

With so many benefits for getting a PMP certification, one probably wonders why there aren’t more people with the certification. In fact, there actually are a large number of people who have this certification. The biggest barrier to entry in obtaining the certification is getting the requisite amount of hours of experience. It’s the conundrum which keeps many of those who desire to get the certification from being able to do so.