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Fundamental Project Management (PM) Course

Welcome to the Fundamental PM course from PM Express.

This is a two-day action learning instructional course initiated by a Certified facilitator in a formal classroom setting geared at providing delegates with comprehensive learning tool, concepts, and techniques to better understand and interact with people who are involved in project management at par with international standards. Fundamental PM is created as a PM 101 for rookie project managers, entry-level project managers and organizations the knowledge to provide staff that are indirectly or directly responsible for projects a better understanding and knowhow about handling project management, equipping them the ability to interact in professional manner with the project managers within their organizations. Fundamental PM has helped organizations to improve their performance to the highest level based on their shared language; knowledge and experience to help them achieve a daily intellectual discussion about the affairs of their business.

The goals of Fundamental Project Management are:

  • To provide participants with competencies with regards to knowledge, performance, vocabulary and experience towards achieving a better understanding and functionality in consonance with their role in their organization’s project
  • To learn how to organize, execute and administer their daily work efficiently through application of the methodology and concepts of project management

Participants are assured of effective fast-paced learning tools in conjunction with their auditory, visual and tactile learning ability; guaranteed proactive management ability, and participate in simulated project.

First day of session starts in the morning with participants doing a simulated project teams and hand-on training, implement, oversee and control the project. Last day of session ends with closing and presentation of their project.

The simulated Project Team environment is an avenue for students to experience hands-on competitive project, learning terminologies, concepts, and tools; enjoining them in the planning, construction of a fictional United Nations SSRV archetype vehicle which to be competed with each team. Each Project Team is composed a project manager, a quality auditor and 5 to 6 members assigned to create their own project management plan including the Scope, Cost and Schedule and implement their plan based on the resources given by the subcontractor. A monetary reward will be given to the winning team based on technical, project management and prototype categories. The overall winner will win 1B pounds in the form of a contract to manufacture a maiden fleet of SSRV vehicles for the UN.

The Workbook

The Fundamental PM Workbook provides 200 pages of information, explaining both the concept and detail

behind all formal processes that comprise modern project management. Each student receives their own

Workbook to follow along with the facilitator viewgraphs during class, and to capture lecture/discussion notes.

The Workbook also serves as valuable desk reference after the class.

Fundamental Project Management

The Wall Poster

Each student receives their own 18"X24" Fundamental PM wall poster to use as a reference during class and

to serve as a handy visual reference in their work space for months/years after class. During class, we

reference the Fundamental PM poster many times to provide a strong visual reference to the logical sequence

in which project management processes are typically applied.

The Project Management Plan

The Fundamental PM Project Management Plan binder is used during class to develop our Project SSRV PM

Plan. It is intended to also serve as a valuable desk reference for months/years following class, to help

students better understand and develop real world Project Management Plans of their own. Each student

receives the Project Management Plan binder containing 15 generic templates for both primary Plan components and subsidiary

Plan components.

Numerous course exercise handouts are included, along with Project SSRV model kits.

Fundamental PM Course

In the classroom

Fundamental PM is deliverables-oriented and fast-paced (just like real-world projects). During class, we will be

working at an immersion pace. Students should wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to ‘roll up their sleeves.’

PMI® PDU’s/Contact Hours

Upon successful completion, each student will receive a formal Certificate awarding 15.5 PMI® “PDU’s”

(Professional Development Units) which may be used to maintain their Continuing Certification Requirements

for their PMP®/PgMP® credentials or as PMI® ‘Contact Hours’ when applying for such credentials.