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Five Guarantees

FIVE Guarantees

1. Guarantee You Can Re-Sit a portion of a class or all of the class at any time, at any location! based upon available seating. A request to re-sit places you on the "waiting list." You will receive e-mail confirmation from us regarding your ability to join a particular class as far ahead of the class date as is feasible.
Re-Sitting in a Class in the USA: If you feel the need to revisit some of the training, or even all of the training, we will make arrangements for you to do so based on seat availability. This never includes new materials. See New Class Materials below.
Please note that based upon seat availability re-attending a Class is possible. Please bring all of your original class materials with you. Requests for New Class Materials will incur a charge of $129.00 for the Workbook, $39 for the Graphical PMBOK Guide and $47 for the PMBOK. All new materials should be requested 5 business days in advance. Should the PMBOK® Guide change (and it will at the end of 2012 and a new Exam is expected third or fourth quarter of 2013) and you did not pass the current Exam as yet and / or you did not take the Exam you studied for; then you will need all new materials and you will incur the charges describes above. If the Exam has changed you will not be permitted in class without purchasing the New Class Materials. We do not provide missing pages of anything. You can prevent further expense by taking your Exam in a timely manner.

2. Use of our web based PMP®/CAPM® exam simulation Post Class – Free of Charge! If you would like access to our web based PMP®/CAPM® exam simulation after having taken all four days of the class , just contact us via e-mail or phone and we will provide you with access Free of Charge based on usage required by classes being held.

3. Guarantee That You Will Like Our Training. See details. This is a one day Guarantee. Satisfaction Guarantee for our PMP®/CAPM® Exam Prep Training: If after one day you decide you don't want to continue training with us, you can return your materials and receive a full refund minus a $67 processing fee and any costs listed above for any materials that are no longer in a useable condition as determined by the instructor.

4. Guarantee-to-Deliver (GTD) Training. You don't need to risk scheduling changes due to cancellation. Many companies take your registration and cancel your place on the course just days before your training begins. You may have purchased airfares and hotel. Therefore we offer Guaranteed-To-Deliver (GTD) training. Locations not initially identified as ‘GTD’ can gain ‘GTD’ status if students pay the published course list price for that location.

5. Guarantee you can reschedule or training without incurring further costs for the following circumstances: This guarantee is primarily to help you with work constraint’s or circumstances beyond your control before your class begins. After your class begins you are expected to finish the training unless there is an unforeseen personal emergency. If you have a personal emergency while training, you may reschedule your training at any time convenient you in the future dependent on seat availability.

Should you require New Class Materials at any time, you will be subject to the fees outlined above for such.
Our Goal Is For You To Be Successful: Our PMP®/CAPM® Exam Prep Workbook® provides you with all the knowledge required to pass either exam, and our web based PMP/CAPM Exam Simulation taken each day during the course (and post course) provides you with the ability to focus on areas of weakness before you take the Exam. Additionally, our Rapid Review Sheets allow you to easily revise for the exam(s).

Please note:You receive sufficient knowledge through our immersive PMP/CAPM Exam prep course to pass PMI® PMP®/CAPM® Exams. If there is something you do not understand in the class, we encourage you to speak up and ask questions as this is the time for you and others in the class to learn. There are no wrong questions just so long as it’s related to the project management subject. You will receive all the tools you need to pass the exam in the 4 days.

What if you fail the Exam? It is advisable to take the exam(s) within 4 weeks of finishing our class. Should you fail to pass the first time, do not despair, revise further using your Rapid Review Sheets and your class notes, our online exam simulation and the PMBOK and can contact us anytime via e-mail for further clarification of subject areas. You can also re-take our PMP®/CAPM® Exam prep course for free if you did not pass the PMI® Exam. In this case you will be guaranteed a seat. This offer does not cover any request for New Class Materials. If you want New Class Materials because of any changes, you will need to purchase them. See details above. Plan your Exam so you have training time still available should you need to re-train.

What is the passing rate? PM Express has a great track record with most of its students passing the PMI® PMP®/CAPM® exam the first time, almost 100% of the time!

It is our goal to help you succeed!